Children’s University

We are proud to be a Children’s University Learning Destination.

It is part of a national network dedicated to finding exciting ways for young people to learn and have fun outside school.

It’s all about spending spare time well. It’s not competitive – children don’t win or lose – and they can take part on their own or as part of a group.

Children between the ages of five and 14 collect stamps in their ‘Passport to Learning’  for taking part in activities which count towards national awards presented at their Graduation Ceremonies.  

Children's University

South Hertfordshire Children’s University is run by West Herts College and Oaklands College.

Learning Destinations are places where children from 5 to 14 can ‘travel to’ with their ‘Passport to Learning’. They provide high quality activities and experiences and have passed the Children’s University simple quality assurance process or validation.  

Children earn stamps in their learning passports for taking part in accredited activities at any participating group or venue. This activity could be anything from simply visiting a museum on a day trip with family and friends or going swimming after school to talking part in something more formal like a performance or cultural activity.

Credit is earned for the time children spend involved in activities. They are then invited to collect a national award at a local Graduation Ceremony – with achievement measured according to levels of participation: 

•    Bronze: 30 hours
•    Silver 65 hours
•    Gold 100 hours
•    Plus, honorary certificates for outstanding achievement and commitment